The following text refers to IEC 60335-2-27 Ed 5.0. Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-27: Particular requirements for appliances for skin exposure to ultraviolet and infrared radiation. One should ensure that this version is current at the time of reading and verify whether or not national deviations exist.

In clause 32.102, it is stated that UV appliance shall be supplied with at least two pairs of protective goggles that ensure adequate front and side protection for the eyes, yet maintaining a sufficiently high luminous transmittance the make vision possible.

The transmission of each goggle should be measured by illuminating the centre of each ocular with a beam (monochromatic or polychromatic) of 5mm diameter. The light transmitted by the goggle shall be measured using a spectrophotometer having a bandwidth not greater than 2.5nm.

The absolute transmission of the goggle should be measured 250-550nm in intervals of no more than 5nm. The results should be inspected, and should not exceed the values detailed in the following:-

Wavelength, λ (nm) Maximum Transmission (%)
250 < λ ≤ 320 0.1
320 < λ ≤ 400 1
400 < λ ≤ 550 5

The luminous transmission of the goggle should be measured 380-780nm in intervals of no more than 5nm. The luminous transmittance should be no less than 1%.