The following text refers to IEC 60825-1: 2014 "Safety of Laser Products. part 1: Equipment Classification and requirements". One should ensure that this version is current at the time of reading and verify whether or not national deviations exist.

The optical radiation safety of laser products designed to function as conventional lamps, excluding toys, may be evaluated in consideration of IEC 62471: 2006 where:-

- The source emits in the spectral range 400-1400nm

- The extended source subtends an angle, α, greater than 5mrad at 200mm from the closest point of human access

- The un-weighted peak radiance, LT, measured in a 5mrad FOVat 200mm from the closest point of human access, under operation and under reasonably forseeable single fault conditions does not exceed  LT=1 x 10^6 / α (α in radians, limited to range 0.005 to 0.1 rad)

The product must still comply with an be classified in accordance with IEC 60825 in all but those conditions of normal operation and reasonably forseeable single fault conditions. Where no other conditions exist, the classification will be considered to be Class 1.

The product shall be assigned a risk group in accordance with IEC 62471 and shall contain a label stating the risk group,the laser product classification (including class 1 if applicable) and any applicable warnings.

Measuring such a source with the IDR300-PSL system:-

- The angular subtense of the source may be determined with the PSL Profiler

- The  un-weighted peak radiance may be measured using a modified TEL309 telescope

- The un-weighted radiance may be computed using the attached integral file (load via Benwin+ analysis/ set spectral integrals/load